By Published On: 01/03/2024Categories: Project news

The construction industry stands at the forefront of the circularity revolution, and the recent RECONMATIC Clustering Event held on 28th February 2024 has been a pivotal moment in this journey. Organised by RECONMATIC, a project dedicated to digitalizing and automating construction and demolition waste management, this online event brought together sustainability experts, key stakeholders, and representatives from various cutting-edge research initiatives.

Projects such as Beeyonders, CircularB COST Action, Reincarnate, RobetArme, REDOL, and Valrec collaborated with RECONMATIC to explore European priorities for the Twin Transition in the construction sector. The event featured a dynamic discussion panel where similarities and synergies between the participating projects were explored in-depth. This session laid the foundation for subsequent independent collaboration workshops on specific research topics.

screenshot from the RECONMATIC clustering event

The clustering event, which aimed to mitigate waste and foster higher-value reuse of construction and demolition waste materials, focused on digital solutions for waste management. Even though the live event has passed, the wealth of insights and discussions can still be accessed through the recording.

The agenda included a warm welcome and introduction, a deep dive into the Twin Transition in Construction, and a presentation and panel discussion highlighting similarities between the projects. The event also touched upon future research dissemination and conference opportunities, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the path forward.

One of the event’s key objectives was to bridge the gap between the research community and industry stakeholders. By inviting participants to share their challenges and experiences in implementing circularity across various construction life cycle stages, the event fostered a collaborative spirit that is crucial for driving meaningful change.

While the live event has concluded, the recorded sessions remain accessible on the BUILD UP platform. The insights shared during the event promise to be a catalyst for taking research on circularity and sustainability in the construction sector to new heights. Join us in advancing the circular agenda in construction and uncovering the next steps in this transformative journey! If you’ve missed the event, you can watch the recording here: