Promotional materials

This project communication kits enable project participants and interested parties to have easy access to communication and promotional materials. These materials are publicly downloadable and can be used both for online and offline purposes.

REDOL – Written and Visual identity

The creation of a REDOL identity allows for an easier identification of the project by the public and ensures visibility and recognition, all the while increasing its impact. Before the development of the written and visual identity, a branding analysis has been done, which ensured that no copyright is affected by the project branding, ensuring therefore a higher visibility by means of effective marketing measures.

REDOL Identity is used in the website and on social media channels, as well as in all the communication and dissemination material prepared during the project lifespan.

REDOL – Project videos

Project videos – promotional and/or related to relevant event – give a clear overview of the project, aimin at showcasing its innovation and progresses.

REDOL – Logo

REDOL logo aims at showcasing, through its composition, its words and its colors, the project processes and results to be achieved by the end of the project. Each color represents a different aspect of the project, as well as each symbol displayed in the logo carries a meaning related to the project execution and results.

REDOL – Roll-up

REDOL roll-up represents a useful marketing material to be used during events and workshops. It gives an overview of the project, its innovation, partners, contacts and funding schemes.

REDOL – Leaflet

REDOL leaflet presents general information about the project, its partners and funding schemes. It also highlights the demo-sites and sectors involved in the project implementation, together with the main goals to achieve in the 4 years.