By Published On: 04/03/2024Categories: Project news

In a pivotal initiative to redefine circularity across Europe, the Hubs4Circularity (H4C) workshop, organized by A.SPIRE, promises to be a transformative exploration set against the backdrop of the ISEC 3rd International Sustainable Energy Conference 2024 in Graz, Austria. Anchored by an impressive lineup of sessions, the workshop will begin with a conceptual exploration of H4Cs, unravelling the intricate pathways to Industrial-Urban Symbiosis and Circular Economy. Delving deeper, the industrial perspective will be laid bare, addressing the fundamental question of “Why H4Cs?” and examining the stakes for the process industry.

Moving into the heart of the current landscape, the second session will provide an insightful overview of existing H4C cases in practice.

A map of a city

Attendees will gain valuable insights from emerging initiatives within P4Planet projects and glean wisdom from the experiences of established H4Cs. A critical juncture of the workshop will be dedicated to understanding the sectoral potential of H4Cs across different EU regions. A roundtable discussion will unfold, navigating the nuanced challenges and opportunities of systematically closing the loops in diverse contexts.

As the workshop draws to a close, participants can expect key ideas and directions for the future to be summarized in a concluding session. Diego Redondo, the coordinator of the REDOL project, is set to enrich the discourse by contributing insights and expertise to this dynamic exploration. The Hubs4Circularity workshop invites stakeholders, thought leaders and industry experts to collectively shape a future where the closing of resource loops becomes a systematic reality.

Join us in Graz on the 10th of April 2024 to be a part of this groundbreaking conversation at the forefront of circularity innovation. Interested? Register here.