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On 26 April, Zaragoza hosted the event “Circular Economy: Towards a Common Strategy.” This event was organized through a collaboration between the REDOL and RESOURCE projects, both funded by the European Union.

The event brought together institutions, experts, over 80 companies, and other interested entities to explore innovative solutions for the Circular Economy. Through conferences, success stories, and interactive workshops, the event created a dynamic space to foster collaboration and drive the transition towards a Circular Economy model in Aragon. The organizers and hosts included the International Club of Rome, the ENERGAIA Research Institute of the University of Zaragoza, the Government of Aragon, and the Zaragoza City Council, all demonstrating their support for a green and sustainable transition at the regional level.

Two Café Workshops were held, featuring brainstorming sessions where attendees shared numerous ideas to enhance the financing of innovative Circular Economy projects and to lay the foundations for a common territorial strategy from legal, social, technical, and economic perspectives.

Workshop on Circular Economy

Carmen Bartolome from CIRCE presented the REDOL project, followed by Alicia Valero, who discussed the work done so far by the University of Zaragoza and outlined the next steps, emphasizing the need for collaboration with companies and the administration. Alfonso Conde, Director of Operations at Cemex and a partner of the REDOL project, also participated, showcasing Cemex as a success story in the circular economy within the construction value chain, promoting innovative processes using advanced technologies for waste valorization as alternative fuels in its operations. Francisco Bergua, Head of the Urban Ecology and Circular Economy Department at Zaragoza City Council, presented the city council’s strategy to close loops and transition the city to a circular model.

Alicia Valero presenting at Aragón Circular Caixaforum

Ana Sanz, Director General of SMEs and Self-Employed, presented the Circular Economy Strategy of the Government of Aragon. She highlighted the Directorate’s Action Plan for 2024, aimed at fostering growth and consolidation of SMEs and self-employed individuals. Planned actions include the review of the Aragon Circular strategy and its labels, a Circular Economy investment plan for SMEs and self-employed individuals, awards for young entrepreneurs in Circular Economy, the Circular Economy loan fund Sodiar, and more.

The closing remarks were delivered by Natalia Chueca, Mayor of Zaragoza, who spoke about the progress made in Zaragoza regarding Circular Economy and outlined her future commitments to this cause for the capital of Aragon.