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Packaging plays an integral role in our daily lives, aiding in protecting and presenting goods. Yet, its environmental impact is profound, with staggering statistics reflecting its contribution to municipal solid waste and carbon emissions. As the EU Waste Reduction Week puts the spotlight on packaging, REDOL steps up to drive transformative change towards a zero-waste future.

In the EU, packaging constitutes a significant portion of waste generation, with plastics and paper accounting for substantial percentages. The surge in e-commerce and home-delivered food during the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated this trend, exacerbating the challenges of recyclable and unrecyclable waste management.

REDOL acknowledges these pressing concerns and aligns its mission with the EU’s goal: making all packaging reusable or recyclable by 2030. Emphasizing waste prevention as pivotal, REDOL dives deep into addressing the root causes of environmental impact associated with packaging materials.

The environmental footprint varies among packaging materials, with plastics emerging as the most challenging waste stream due to low recycling rates in several Member States. This underscores the urgent need to not only focus on recycling but also to prioritize prevention strategies, considering the considerable emissions tied to plastic packaging.

As the European Week for Waste Reduction zeroes in on packaging for the second time, REDOL stands ready to champion change. This vital campaign emphasizes awareness, offering insights, ideas, and support to foster sustainable consumption behaviours. Through collaboration and guidance, the EWWR community is encouraged to explore alternative packaging solutions to curb waste.

REDOL is at the forefront, aligning its efforts with this pivotal week, fostering innovation, and pioneering zero-waste strategies. Join us as we pave the path towards a more sustainable and circular Europe, transforming cities into hubs of circularity, reducing waste, and steering the continent towards a greener future.

For further resources on sustainable packaging and alternatives, check out the links provided below.

Together, let’s build a better tomorrow, starting with conscious consumption and innovative solutions!


Stay tuned for updates and insights as REDOL leads the charge towards a zero-waste Europe during EU Waste Reduction Week!



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