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In a world where the impact of plastic waste on the environment has reached alarming proportions, the need for concerted efforts to reduce plastic consumption is more critical than ever. Enter “Plastic-Free July,” a global movement that challenges individuals, communities, and organizations to take a proactive stance against single-use plastics throughout the month of July. In 2023, this initiative took on special significance for REDOL, an EU project dedicated to transforming cities into circularity hubs and promoting industrial-urban symbiosis (I-US). Let’s explore why Plastic-Free July was particularly relevant for REDOL and how this commitment aligns with their sustainable mission.

REDOL’s Circular Vision

REDOL, short for “Resource Efficiency in the Production of Circular Urban Products,” is a groundbreaking EU project with a clear and ambitious mission. It aims to harness the potential of Solid Urban Waste (SUW) as a valuable resource for circular product production. This innovative approach seeks to reduce waste generation, minimize environmental impact, and promote sustainability at the urban level. In essence, REDOL envisions cities as centres of circularity, where waste is transformed into valuable resources.

The Plastic Problem in Urban Waste

Many municipal waste comprises single-use plastics, contributing to environmental degradation and endangering ecosystems. REDOL recognizes this critical issue and views Plastic-Free July as an opportunity to address it head-on. By encouraging communities and individuals to reduce their plastic usage during this month-long campaign, REDOL aligns with its core objective of reducing waste generation in urban areas.

Promoting Circular Solutions

One of REDOL’s core strategies for achieving its mission is promoting circular solutions. This approach involves turning waste into resources through recycling, upcycling, and other innovative methods. By participating in Plastic-Free July, REDOL exemplifies its commitment to raising awareness about the importance of reducing plastic consumption and, in turn, decreasing the volume of plastic waste in urban areas.

Changing Consumption Habits

Plastic-Free July encourages people to reconsider their consumption habits and make more sustainable choices. REDOL recognizes that lasting change begins at the individual level. When individuals make conscious decisions to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics, it reduces the immediate environmental impact and fosters a culture of sustainability. This shift in mindset aligns perfectly with REDOL’s goal of transforming cities into hubs for circularity, where sustainable practices are the norm.

For these and many more reasons, we asked our project partners to share with us some ‘plastic-free’ habits that can inspire us to live a plastic-free life.

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