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What’s happening?

Alicia Valero and Marta Rodríguez are representing innovation and sustainability on different fronts! Alicia, the Director of Industrial Ecology Research Group at CIRCE, headed to Recuwastein Mataró, Barcelona, to explore the future of resource economics on 14th November.

Meanwhile, Marta, a project manager at Universidad de Zaragoza, geared up for Raw Materials Week 2023in Brussels! Their insights at these events will spotlight strategies for sustainable recovery and discussions on critical raw materials, circularity, and innovation. Stay tuned for their impactful contributions to shaping a more circular and resource-efficient future!

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Have you heard of the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)? This year, EWWR concentrates on packaging, recognizing its enduring impact despite previous campaigns.

In our daily lives, packaging plays a crucial role in preserving, transporting, and presenting goods. However, its extensive use contributes significantly to environmental concerns. Did you know that nearly 40% of plastics and 50% of paper used in the EU are dedicated to packaging? Shockingly, packaging constitutes around 36% of municipal solid waste at the end of its life cycle.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has further accentuated this trend, driven by increased online sales and a surge in supermarket purchases for home consumption.

Despite efforts, the recycling landscape faces challenges. From 2012 to 2020, the volume of unrecyclable packaging increased, compounded by inadequate recycling infrastructure. The result? A substantial amount of recyclable waste ends up in landfills, affecting the environment, particularly our oceans.

The European Commission aims to make all packaging reusable or recyclable by 2030. However, this ambition relies significantly on waste prevention, a crucial strategy in reducing the environmental footprint of packaging materials.

If you’d like to know more about what you can do to reduce the use of packaging, check out the EWWR website and discover lots of useful tips, resources and initiatives 👉

Not only REDOL – Let’s look into other circular initiatives 🔎

🧱 Mobiccon-PRO: all about Construction & Demolition Waste

As one of Europe’s biggest waste streams, the construction sector is expected to follow a circular journey in line with the European Green Deal. In this context, the EU-funded MOBICCON-PRO project aims to improve the recovery and recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW) in South-East Europe.

Want to learn more? Check the MOBICCON-PRO website here.

MOBICCON-PRO basic information

👕 tExtended: focus on textiles

tExtended is a research and innovation project with the goal of reducing textile waste by 80%. The project aims to create a final Blueprint to optimize the utilization of textile flows through effective textile recovery, waste valorization, and recycling processes. This will be combined with digital tools and data-driven solutions to support the sustainable circularity of textiles and maximise its impact.

Want to learn more? Check the tExtended website here.

tExtended logo

Catch up with our latest news.

Navarra seeks innovation opportunities with Europe in the second edition of NEXUS – 📅 26 October 2023

🌟 Navarra took centre stage at the NEXUS event, where Vice President Ana Ollo showcased the region’s readiness to spearhead large European projects. Highlighted as a “Strong Innovator” region, Navarra’s commitment to innovation was underscored at this collaborative event, emphasizing sustainability as a catalyst for economic transformation. Jorge Arroyo, REDOL’s coordinator, attended the event to mention how REDOL is tackling the main conference topics: green energy, personalized medicine, sustainable food, connected mobility, ecological transition, and digital innovation.

You can read the full blog here.

Panel talk at NEXUS

World Circular Textiles Day 📅 8 October 2023 – We celebrated it with NTT  🧵

At the forefront of sustainable textile practices, Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) leads Europe’s textile sector toward a circular economy. Their pioneering technologies tackle textile waste challenges, aiming for fibre-to-fibre recycling, transforming discarded fabrics into fresh fibres for new garments. NTT’s groundbreaking sorting system and elastane removal process demonstrate their commitment to a greener, resource-efficient textile ecosystem.

Learn about NTT’s pivotal role in advancing a sustainable future on Circular Textile Day in this blog.

A.SPIRE – Process4Planets 📅 20 September 2023

This exclusive event highlighted the ongoing Processes4Planet projects, aiming to foster synergies among 27 impactful initiatives between 2021 and 2022. REDOL, represented by Diego Redondo, CIRCE, discussed the project’s objectives during Panel 1: Circularity of Resources.

You can read more about the event here.

Diego Redondo, Project Manager & Coordinator at CIRCE

Every day is Plastic Free July

Plastic-Free July is a global movement that encourages people to reduce their plastic consumption and waste throughout July. Participants pledge to avoid single-use plastics and raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

REDOL partnership took part in the plastic-free movement, and here are some ideas we can implement in our daily lives!

What’s REDOL about?

Urban waste is a rich source for circular products, but Europe recycles only 45% of its 2020-generated 500 kg per capita. Cities can lead by using local resources and shaping policies, and REDOL aims to make cities circular hubs, promoting zero-waste strategies and fostering collaboration through industrial-urban symbiosis.

Would you rather watch than read? Check out our 2-minute video & and learn what REDOL does in a nutshell 👉

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